Character Creation

Here are the basics for this campaign:
  • 22 ability points – (use the point method for character creation listed on page 16 of the Core Rulebook)
  • I have uploaded a copy of the Carrion Crown Player's Guide to my Google Drive. You can access it from this link: Player's Guide
  • 3rd party races are subject to pre-approval as are the uncommon races listed in the Advanced Race Guide so please check with me before using. Keep in mind the setting and try to avoid something way out there (unless you have a good back story for it). Some character races may not be easily accepted by others (e.g. Ratfolk), even spark immediate, outright hostility from NPCs and possibly other PCs (e.g. Strix). I’m not ruling most everything out completely but some races will definitely need a good back story to be approved.
    • Strix, Gillmen and Merfolk are not allowed.
  • Most character classes and archetypes are allowed from the Pathfinder Rules Set, Paizo’s reference website, and the d20PFSRD website. If the character class has an Unchained version in the Pathfinder Unchained Source Book, you can use either version but, once selected, cannot be changed and cannot mix between the two versions. 3rd party character classes are subject to pre-approval so please check with me before using. This will also apply to prestige classes later on as well. But if you have an idea of what you’re planning for your character’s eventual class-prestige class mix, include it in your write up, so if it is a class/prestige class I’d rather not have in the mix, you’ll have ample time to modify your choices (note that I don’t see any class/prestige class not being approved at this time).
  • Maximum hit points for 1st level. After 1st level you can roll or take the value of half a hit die + 1 - whichever value is greater (e.g. If you have 10 sided hit dice, level two can be a roll or take 6, and of course add any CON modifier you have to that).
  • Starting money – Use the maximum listed per class
  • All alignments allowed – but some may be much more difficult to play through with than others. Please note that I will NOT tell any of the other player characters what your alignment is - that is completely up to you to say.
  • Choose a campaign trait from the Carrion Crown Player's Guide (I have also posted them below). It is required to take a campaign trait. Building a back story off of the campaign trait is a great way to get your character inivolved in the story.
  • Choose one additional trait per the standard character trait rules (for a total of 2 traits). If you wish you can get an additional trait (for a total of 3) but only if you also take a drawback (subject to approval). Traits are listed in the Advanced Player’s Guide, the Adventure Path Players Guides, Paizo’s reference website, and the d20PFSRD website. 3rd party character traits are subject to pre-approval so please check with me before using. Try to choose traits that play into the chosen theme of your character. Please note that traits that give an identical bonus will not stack (e.g two different traits giving a +2 trait bonus to initiative will only give a total of +2, not +4 to initiative).
  • Hero Points: We will not be using Hero Points in this game.
  • Harrow Points - Cards of Fate: We will be using the Harrow Points option presented in the back of the Player's Guide in this game. I will have a Harrow deck ready for you to draw a card from before the game begins.
  • I would like a back story – the more detailed the better, but I don’t need a complete history (that can develop over time). Of course, the more you write, the more I will have to play off of.
  • Email me your character outline/back story and/or any questions, requests for help / clarifications, etc, to

Carrion Crown Campaign Traits 
Campaign traits are tailored to a specific Adventure Path and give your character a built-in reason to begin the first adventure in a new campaign. Campaign traits assume a lot more about your  character’s backstory than do normal traits, and they are meant to help serve as inspiration for a player working to create a detailed and interesting history for her character. You have a certain amount of leeway in adjusting a campaign trait’s expected backstory once you’ve selected the trait that’s right for you.

All of the following traits revolve around ways characters may know the late Professor Petros Lorrimor, whose funeral draws them to Ravengro, and whose final will and testament launches the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.

Chance Savior
Fate smiled on you and Professor Lorrimor one day in the not so distant past. Through a matter of pure chance, you were in a position to save the late scholar’s life and did so. His gratitude was effusive, and he promised that he would never forget you. You are unsure of the nature of the summons in his will, but believe he may have listed you as a possible heir in thanks for saving him from an untimely demise. Your ability to think quickly on your feet has stayed with you, and you quite often feel that you’re in the right place at the right time. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Subject of Study
Professor Lorrimor approached you as part of his studies, as he had heard that you had survived a recent encounter with a strange monster or had another fateful encounter. Interested in the conditions of the runin and the means by which you avoided death or injury, he met with you and maintained frequent correspondence until several months ago. The scars of your experience and his continual reminders of the encounter prompted you to hone your skills lest you someday face the same type of creature again. The professor assisted you in this endeavor, providing you with insight into the anatomy and defenses of the creature that attacked you. Years of study have improved your combat effectiveness against your chosen foe. Choose a non-humanoid creature type (and subtype if outsider). You gain a +1 bonus on damage rolls against creatures of this type. See the ranger favored enemy suggestions for a list of creature types most likely to appear in this campaign.

Inspired By Greatness
Whether you knew Professor Lorrimor well or only in passing, as a colleague or competitor, his career and lifetime of discovery inspired you to be better at what you do. As you honed your craft, you and the professor corresponded, and he was delighted to hear that he had directly or indirectly motivated you to strive for your full potential. Saddened by the news of his death, you feel that you should honor his memory by fulfilling his final wishes and attending his funeral, and by ever striving to attain greater heights and someday match the inf luence and impact of your idol. Choose one spell you can cast. From now on, you always cast this spell at +1 caster level.

Making Good on Promises
At some point in the past, Professor Lorrimor did you a favor under the condition that he would someday call on you to repay it. After he came to your aid, however, you never saw nor heard from him again, leaving you with a sense of unending anticipation that each day might be the day you were asked to return the favor. Yet that day never came, and your fears and anxiety about what the professor would call on you to do abated. Assuming the old man had either forgotten about you or died, you eventually assumed you’d never have to follow through on your end of the bargain. When you received word of the professor’s death, and that he had named you specifically in his will, your dread of what he could possibly want from you has grown throughout your entire journey to Ravengro. Years of living with the fear and uncertainty of the unclaimed debt to Professor Lorrimor have inured you to extreme anxiety. You gain a +2 trait bonus on saves against fear effects.

On The Payroll
Whether he needed a bodyguard in a rough neighborhood, a guide to an isolated archeological dig, or information on a specialized topic, Professor Lorrimor was never shy about hiring professionals to help him attain his goals. Over the course of his long career, thousands of people throughout the world served his needs and benefited from his generous wages (usually covered by his academic benefactor at the time). He had contacts in most areas of expertise in every corner of the known world, a knack for recognizing talent, and a desire to be surrounded by the best and brightest at all times. Whatever job the professor originally hired you for, your performance captured his attention, and he hired you many times throughout your career, sometimes even for jobs away from your home, always paying your expenses and compensating you well for your time. In your area of expertise, you are among the best. Your years of hard work have paid off, granting you an additional 150 gp in starting wealth.

Teacher's Pet
Professor Lorrimor traveled the Inner Sea region lecturing and teaching at universities in locations as far-flung as Manaket and Magnimar, and as different in scope as the bardic colleges of Taldor and the battle colleges of the River Kingdoms. Speaking before standing-room-only lecture halls on topics as widely ranging as military strategy, planar anomalies, theology, and agriculture, Lorrimor’s time was highly valued among those ambitious to benefit from his expertise. Despite this, he still managed to provide one-on-one assistance to the most promising of his acolytes. When he saw the potential for greatness in one of his charges, he took it upon himself to nurture their spark. You were such a student. Over the course of several months, you and the late professor spent hours debating the finer points of your topic of interest, and the intellectual doors he opened for you continue to flavor your outlook on the world. You gain a +2 trait bonus to one Knowledge skill of your choosing and consider it a class skill.